What is GiveMagic?

Video stories that show impact

Empower your team and volunteers to capture inspirational moments and send these stories directly to donors via email & SMS.

Integrated call to actions

Embed call to actions in your stories to earn from your appeals. Our checkout is frictionless and uses the latest payment technologies.

A human way to connect

Break through the noise and personalize your communications. Donors don't just love personalized outreach, they expect it.


Play rate average for all GiveMagic video stories sent.


More donations on average vs. traditional non-video methods.


More affordable than traditional methods like direct mail.

Made for your not-for-profit.

Bridge the gap between the inspiring work your teams do in the field with your donors at home. Show impact like never before.
Universities & Colleges
Can’t run events due to COVID-19? Have your staff, students and faculty record stories for your capital or annual campaign.
Social Services
Outfit your team of volunteers to record inspirational stories from your daily work. Engage with your corporate sponsors and show them where their dollars are actually going.
Capture the moment a family adopts their first pet or your zookeeper feeding the pandas. Show what happens behind the scenes to educate and encourage giving. Attach biographical information to your stories to add a personal touch.
Show your impact and inspire congregants to give, engage, and increase attendance. Share weekly messages of faith to build deeper relationships and stronger community.
Equip your field teams to capture the stories that show why you exist and most importantly, how you're addressing your mission.
Associations & Societies
Increase enrolment and reduce churn by reminding members of the value of their membership. Introduce new initiatives and build a stronger sense of community with your stories.
Few mediums inspire action like video - especially human to human stories. Encourage your constituents to register, vote, attend events, and donate.
K-12 Schools
Alumni fundraising has seldom been as difficult as it is during COVID-19. Use GiveMagic to stay in touch with alumni, encourage support during capital campaigns and arm alumni leaders with a powerful tool to engage and fundraise.
Cultural Institutions
Empower anyone at your institution to tell a story whether it's a curator or a summer intern. Provide updates on new exhibits, provide VIPs with behind-the-scenes content, or say thanks to major donors.

Make stewardship easier than ever before with video stories.

Building and managing a donor journey does not need to be super complex and time-consuming. We’ve designed GiveMagic for fundraising professionals - those who know their supporters best - to transform boring touch points into inspiring stories easier than ever before.

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Cut through the noise with a new channel that performs like magic.

Video stories raise 150% more on average than traditional methods. Get started by showing your mission in action and remind donors why they support you. Empower your staff, volunteers and advocates to start capturing the everyday moments that matter.


Master your organization's story with intelligent video analytics.

Our storytelling platform improves the effectiveness of your stories through securely extracting insights from your videos. These insights help you better understand the who, what, where, when, and why your story resonates with your audience.


What industry leaders are saying

Make your donor journey even more special.

We partnered with Up Fundaising, one of North America’s top integrated fundraising experts to create Storyteller Boost, the easiest way to add professional trained fundraisers to capture thousands of 1:1 video stories on your behalf.