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Earn up to $600 for each organization who signs up for a paid plan with your unique referral link.


Get access to GiveMagic training material, best practices and tech support. We’ll also equip you with the right content and tools to bring GiveMagic to your clients. 

Become a Matchmaker

Get Started: If you are working with clients to reimagine their outreach and help them stand out from the crowd, we encourage you to reach out. 

Make an Affiliate Account: After you get in touch, we will provide you with a unique affiliate link to track all of your referrals. We’ll also equip you with content to share GiveMagic.

Start Earning: GiveMagic is committed to the success of mission based organizations, your clients, and our affiliates - you. Our program is free to join and we are here to support the growth of your business.


Read Capture, our blog for nonprofit teams interested in boosting their  fundraising and supporter experiences.

Add some magic and build
lasting relationships.

Add magic & build
lasting relationships.

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