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Build Integrations

Support customer integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce and Blackbaud. Use your technology expertise to migrate data and set up your clients with scalable integrations.

Design Marketing Campaigns

Build GiveMagic powered donor journeys and campaigns, identify audiences from large datasets and craft written content such as appeals and impact descriptions.  

Create Stories

Tag in as a storyteller to add capacity during busy periods. Lean on your career as a storyteller in training others to create inspirational and compelling content.

Become an Affiliate

Use your platform to inspire storytelling around the world. Earn revenue by referring your clients to GiveMagic. Visit GiveMagic Matchmakers to learn more.

GiveMagic Powered by Up Fundraising

We've partnered with the fundraising experts at Up Fundraising to provide customers with added storyteller capacity and content support. Up's professional fundraisers can design, manage and execute your stewardship and acquisition campaigns by creating 1:1 videos for thousands of supporters.

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Read Capture, our blog for nonprofit teams interested in boosting their  fundraising and supporter experiences.

Add some magic and build
lasting relationships.

Add magic & build
lasting relationships.

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