Why Authentic Videos Work Best.

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Authenticity Counts

In the world of fundraising videos, everyone strives for perfection. Think about it. Aren’t you always looking for that ideal synonym for the script, or that flawless shot of your actors, and letting every detail consume you? The process is frustrating, but worth it… or is it?

When you pour too much effort and money into creating the perfect video, your audience can tell. It’s pretty obvious when a video features professional filmmakers and a tidy script because it feels inauthentic. Like yogurt commercials. Has any brand of yogurt actually convinced you to buy their product, or are you and I thinking the same thing: no woman is this excited about yogurt. 

In short, perfection is not genuine or human, making it harder for your audience to connect with your video story. This is true for all types of promotion. Whether you’re selling a product or soliciting donors, people want to see authenticity portrayed before they sign up. The good news is that this problem has an easy and inexpensive fix… ditch the script and fancy video editing!


The Stats Behind Authenticity

The statistics speak for themselves. First off, 90% of consumers value authenticity when deciding what brands to support, and 94% of customers are likely to be loyal to a brand that is being completely transparent. If people care that much about authenticity for brand support, you can bet they would care at least that much about authenticity when deciding what nonprofit to support. Being authentic is key to generating support and loyalty. Another amazing statistic is that crowdfunding campaigns with personal videos raise 150% more than the ones without. All of this means that authentic videos can lead to a higher conversion rate of watches to donations than professionally shot videos.

What makes these videos both special and successful is that they feature real human moments. The day to day events at your nonprofit are full of amazing stories that can invoke empathy and passion for a cause. And when your audience feels empathy and passion, they’re going to be more likely to take actionable steps — like donating — to support your cause.

You And Your Donors Feel The Same

The best way to understand why authentic videos draw in donors is through self-reflection. Why do you work for your nonprofit? Maybe it’s because you see what’s behind the ‘curtain’ into the incredible work you and your colleagues do every single day. By having an unfiltered understanding of the entire problem and the work being done to make things better, you feel passionate enough to continue your hard work every day. That’s what your donors need. Reminding them of the reality of your cause by letting them see it through your eyes will increase their chances of donating and donating repeatedly.

The idea is simple. Representing your cause authentically will compel your donors to care as much about it as you do. So why not ditch the script and start recording!

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